Haggerty Ceramics is now offering

Team Building With Clay Programs

appropriate for businesses of any size.


We can work with small groups

up to 9 at our Studio,

or with larger groups up to 30,

and come to your workplace

in our mobile ceramics studio,

the Claymoble. All we need from

you are tables, chairs, and water,

and we will provide the rest.



We have specific Team Building Programs

that are designed for:


* Building and Bonding New Teams

* Rewarding Teams

* Team Art Projects for the Office


Clay is the perfect medium to use

for team building exercises.


Working with clay utilizes

problem-solving skills, by learning

to adapt to working with a new

set of boundaries or rules, which is

necessary for successful

outcomes in the ceramic arts.

In addition, using the tools and

glazes to decorate the clay surface,

emphasizes creative thinking.


Team Building with clay is also excellent for

fostering employee morale by

engaging in a fun activity together,

rewarding your team with an

afternoon of creative playtime,

and cultivating pride in one’s

individual contribution to the company

by making something special for the office.








The Team at "Loa Tree" recently moved to a new office,

and we helped them design and create this

Gratitude Tree to recognize their

donors and their financial contributions.

Each donor who 'bought a leaf' will have an

engraved plaque with their name next to their leaf.

The Loa Team also made ceramic magnets

with a leaf to give to their donors

as a way of saying thank you.






Contact us for more information about

Team Building, and let us design a

special program exclusively for your Team.









Last Updated 2/2017