Linda & James Haggerty





James was born in Methuen, Mass., and moved with his family to Santa Barbara, CA at the age of seven.

Ceramics became his passion early on after taking a class in school at the age of thirteen, and soon thereafter he bought his first kiln. When he was fifteen, he was the youngest student to take Vivika Heino’s glaze calculation class.

After high school, James worked for Santa Barbara Ceramic Design, formulating glazes, managing production, and it was there where he met Linda. He then attended California College of Arts and Crafts and Otis Parson’s Art Institute where he received a BFA, and attended California State University at Long Beach, where he worked on his masters and taught glaze chemistry.

In 1992, James relocated back to Santa Barbara, CA and formed a pottery business, Haggerty Ceramics, with his wife, Linda. His work is in many prominent private collections and has been indisplayed in many museums and galleries, including the Smithsonian Institution, the Museum of Decorative Art in Paris, andwas also featured in the motion picture,“Ghost”.





Ceramics has been my passion since I was thirteen years old, and I am just as captivated with it now as I was on the first day of my first ceramics class.

I am especially fascinated with the chemistry of ceramics, and over the past forty years I have formulated more than 4,000 different glazes. 

My art is devoid of any dialogue, allowing the vessel to become a canvas for my glaze surfaces. Each work is an example of exploration in pushing the limits in both the form and glaze.

From every firing new surfaces emerge, along with new ideas forexperimentation and exploration. And it is that joy of discovery which drives my creativity and passion for ceramics.




Linda was born in Washington, D.C., and developed a passion for art and drawing early on, and moved to Los Angeles with her family when she was nine.

When she was seventeen, she graduated from high school then relocated to Santa Barbara, Ca to attend college. During that time, she worked at Santa Barbara Ceramic Design in the production department, and it was there where she met James.

After graduating from the University of California at Santa Barbarawith a BA in Studio Art, Linda started her own custom hand-painted tile business, Santa Barbara Tileworks, and several years later she formed a new business, Haggerty Ceramics, with her husband, James. Her work has been shown in prominent galleries across thecountry and is in many private collections.





Although art has been a lifelong passion, I fell in love with Ceramicsin college and it has been my focus as an artist for the past 25 years.

Collaborating on vessels with my husband, James, and marrying his forms and glazes with my designs has been an exciting journey of exploration and discovery for both of us.

My technique is intuitive and spontaneous, where I randomly create designs that evolve into free-flowing patterns, and showcases the special glazes he formulates for me.


With my wall sculptures, the approach is completely different and focuses on the planning and overall execution of the piece to emphasize the relationships between shape and form, and the juxtaposition of surfaces and color fields.

I love the creative balance both provide me, and am intrigued by the incredible diversity of the medium and its limitless possibilities.







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